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Four media players are associated with Les Studios de Paris :

FrontLine SAS is a holding company with twenty two subsidiaries and affiliated entities in which Luc Besson holds indirect capital interests. Front Line’sprincipal activity revolves around the film industry namely as the strategic shareholder of the publicly traded French company, Europacorp SA. Front Line is also one of the main lessors of office space at the Cite du Cinema.

Europacorp, a company among the top tier of the European film studios. Created in 1999, it is involved in international film and television production , theater ownership, theatrical, television and video/VOD distribution as well as media partnerships and licenses, production and publishing of original sound tracks.

Euro Media France, part of Euromedia Group, european leader in audiovisual technical broadcast.

Quinta Communications, created in 1990 by Tarak Ben Ammar, a major figure of European media, and media strategy member on the board of directors of Vivendi.

Luc Besson dreamed, over 10 years ago, of creating in France a unique concept: a place where all trades involved in the creation of a film would be able to work alongside each other from the writing of the screenplay to the design and manufacture of the sets, and the production and post production of film. In 2012, Les Studios de Paris were born.


A few examples out of the numerous feature projects shot in the Studios de Paris: